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Dr Kobayashi

Hello colleagues. My name is Tetsuya Kobayashi. I am the chairman of the World Veterinary Cancer Congress (WVCC). The Tokyo 2020 WVCC was postponed due to COVID-19 and will now be held in Tokyo in 2024. We would like to express our gratitude to the WVCC International Organization for giving us the opportunity to once again hold the conference in Tokyo, Japan. As Chairman of the WVCC Committee, I would like to share the highlights of our program.

The WVCC will be held over 4 days from March 21-24, 2024. The first 3 days will feature approximately 100 research abstracts from dozens of countries around the world. There will be 9 keynote lectures by specialists from many different countries. Most of the research abstracts are clinically oriented, so general practitioners, as well as researchers and specialists should enjoy the lectures. All lectures will be in English; however, the keynote lectures will have simultaneous Japanese translation. The 4th day will entail an international symposium. We will have in-depth discussions on canine lower urinary tract cancer in the morning and
canine histiocytic sarcoma in the afternoon. There will be a panel of experts and up-and-coming Japanese researchers with vast knowledge of cancer biology and treatment. On the 1st and 2nd nights, we also organized evening seminars by well-known specialists (with simultaneous Japanese translation). For those who are intrigued by the atmosphere of an international conference, please attend the evening seminars.

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About WVCC 2024

The World Veterinary Cancer Congress is an international conference held every four years with a goal of improving and developing the level of education in veterinary oncology around the world. This Congress is organized in collaboration with veterinary oncology associations around the world including JVCS (Japan Veterinary Cancer Society), VCS (the Veterinary Cancer Society based in the US), ESVONC (the European Society of Veterinary Oncology), ABROVET (Brazil Association of Veterinary Oncology), and AMONCOVET (Mexican Association of Veterinary Oncology).

The World Veterinary Cancer Congress will include presentations and company exhibits on the history and updates related to veterinary oncology and veterinary medicine. Researchers and leaders in various fields of veterinary oncology from around the world will gather to share knowledge and hold important discussions on the current status of the latest findings in veterinary oncology and the possibilities for the future. At the same time, we attach great importance to the development of excellent young researchers in the field of veterinary oncology and have prepared various programs and support for this purpose.